Roxy is a visual artist currently based in Northwest Arkansas. After graduating with her bachelor's in fine art from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012 she went on to get her masters from the San Francisco Art Institute, in 2015. She moved back to the Northwest Arkansas area in 2016 and has been focusing on building her career as a solo artist since that time.

This current body of work explores the disorienting or dissociative feelings victims of assault, abuse, or other personal traumas might go through. From personal experience, these feelings can be extremely haunting, either consciously or subconsciously. At times leaving one unsure of their sense of self and whether they are fading in or out of the narrative or disappearing altogether. I want viewers of my work to be lured in by the bright, saturated colors and shiny materials, but left with an unsettling feeling; inciting a sense of joy that is quickly overshadowed by a subtle melancholia. By working with cliché gendered feminine motifs such as florals or painting in shades of pink, my work draws your attention to the female gaze, telling a story through the lens of the woman. It is also meant to bring your attention to the gaze cast upon us, providing my own commentary on consent and our place in the world. My current paintings are a mix of acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Some paintings include mixed media elements such as metallic papers, mylar, sequins, glitter, or plastic flowers.