Posse Paper Goods

Behind the brand:
Posse Paper Goods was established in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, by illustrator and designer Kait Culbertson. Imagining friends and family as kings, queens and jokers brought forth the actual design and manufacturing of a playing card deck named "Posse Playing Cards." Thus, Posse Paper Goods was born! With the belief that you are a reflection of the company you keep, the word "Posse" as the namesake of the brand, represents the importance of human connection and collective experiences.

About the artist:
Most inspired by daily life, dreams and words from her journal — illustrator and designer Kait Culbertson meshes playful expressions from the human experience with vivid color. Her work focuses on themes of positivity and tenderness with bold, bright colors. Kait is self-taught and lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Posse Paper Goods