Erin Ashcraft

Erin Ashcraft is a painter, a muralist, and a screen printing enthusiast.

In her screen printing work, Erin deals primarily with the issues surrounding the world of fast fashion. Working in this wasteful industry personally led Erin to create her own collection of artistically branded merchandise. Every piece made by Erin is repurposed from one-of-a-kind garments, sourced second hand or from thrift stores. By giving these garments a second life, many are saved from going into landfills. Every separate element of every design is made by a single swipe over the mesh stencils Erin uses for her screen prints. Erin often plays with the motifs of barcodes and warped buzzwords often used to greenwash products.

Erin also did our mural on our cash wrap in the center of our store! When Erin is not making her screen prints, you can find her all across the state of Arkansas (and beyond) painting her murals. Much of Erin’s work, whether it is a 90 foot wall or a design printed on a sweatshirt, is heavily influenced by her love of the outdoors and a desire to make our world a little more colorful and a lot less wasteful. Don’t buy trash, buy local art.

Erin Ashcraft