BETERBILT is a secondhand art wear of Patrick Holcomb. Patrick works to enhance and elevate secondhand clothing by combining improv methods of tie-dying, bleaching, and screen printing. BETERBILT is a sustainable slow fashion art wear BRAND. All clothing is sourced from small local businesses and local clothing curators; creating a reinvesting cycle back into the local community. Patrick holds values that prioritize supporting small businesses and individuals. Compromising these values for the sake of easier profit or gains is not an option. We try to approach everything with as much intention as possible because we believe it to be necessary for distinguished long-term value. Our items are meant to hold value for a lifetime, not a moment.

It’s a point to prove that we do not need a brand-newly produced garment of clothing every time we refresh our wardrobe. New is fine, but counterbalance it with secondhand and vintage. With intention is imbued into each item. This is secondhand sustainability via creativity.

INSTAGRAM: @beterbilt