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WORKSHOP - Acrylic Texture Workshop With Brooke Ceola

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Acrylic Texture Workshop With Brooke Ceola!


TIME: 10 AM-12 PM

SPOTS: There 8 spots open in this workshop

 A Message from Artist, Brooke Ceola:

"Question, what have you done for fun lately? If it took you more than five seconds to answer that I have a solution, come paint with me at the cutest store in NWA on December 2nd! During this workshop, you will learn how to mix sand texture with acrylic paint, how to use a palette knife, and how to get out of your head and let your creativity out, yes, every one of us has a creative spirit in us. We will be painting Christmas ornaments and art on paper that once you have added your artist flair can be put into a picture frame to gift to someone or keep in your home or can be cut into bookmarks or cards that you can turn into handwritten note to someone you love or that needs a little bit of happy encouragement sent to their mailbox.

There will be lots of laughter and fun as I teach you that you can do things you never thought you could. The art of play is so beneficial for humans and as adults, we do not get enough hands-on creativity. Bring your friends, leave your babies with someone trusted, and come paint with me!"