Rabbit Fish Ceramics

Rabbit Fish Ceramics is a small-batch ceramics operation that embraces imperfection, oddness, and flights of imagination. We’re Laura and Brian, owners of Rabbit Fish Ceramics. We believe everyday objects should be fun and interesting, and that having a personal connection to unique items helps us value and care for the things we do have. As our tagline says, function needs imagination.
A couple effort, Brian throws most of our forms on a wheel, and Laura adds design details through the hand carving sgraffito method.
Laura and Brian met in Ithaca New York during graduate school and decided soon after that it might just be worth moving across the country to be together. Now married, they currently live and work in the Auburn, Alabama region.
RFC was started in 2019 in response to people asking, “Can I buy that cup?” and has been growing ever since.
As a small batch operation, each piece is unique and hand made, and no two are alike. Invented by Laura and Brian, the Rabbit-Fish blends realities and exists in the liminal space of imagination, in between becoming and reality where anything is possible. The imaginary Rabbit-Fish logo is a pleasantly off-kilter, mischievous symbol of good luck; it’s something we aim to live up to and hope you will too.

Rabbit Fish Ceramics