Kennedie Daniel

in Aug 25, 2023

Kennedie Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist and curator whose practice is driven by her desire to explore and understand the world around her. Raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Kennedie graduated from The University of Arkansas in 2020 with a BFA and concentration in ceramics and sculpture. Her unique approach to art-making is informed by her personal experiences and relationships, which she uses as a starting point for her explorations.

 Kennedie's latest series, "Bedazzled Relationships," is a thought-provoking exploration of the theme of relationships and the illusion of perfection. Inspired by the nostalgia of the 90’s and the bedazzler craft tool, the series challenges societal expectations and the pressure to present a polished, idealized version of oneself. Kennedie uses cheap and fake materials such as plastic rhinestones to emphasize the superficiality and fragility of relationships. Her use of reflective and metallic paint adds another layer of meaning, mirroring the idea that people often bedazzle their partners, making them appear glittering and shiny when in reality they're not.

 Kennedie draws inspiration from the emotional impact of color. Her practice is a reminder to let go of control and accept the unpredictability of life. She creates multidimensional experiences that invite the audience to escape from the daily grind and reflect on the depth of human connections.